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Hello! I’m Dmitry
Digital product designer

Crafting Useful Experiences for Digital products

I develop innovative solutions by identifying the problem that needs addressing and creating a meaningful experience that meets the needs of end-users, aligning it with the context in which the product will be used.
Product Designer
UX Designer
Nice to meet you!
I assist startups in making valuable design decisions at every stage of the product life cycle, from introduction to the growth phase. My deep understanding of business needs at each step enables me to deliver the right solutions more quickly, thereby accelerating innovation.
My concept of exceptional product design involves a user-centered approach that aligns with business needs and incorporates a strong, compelling visual language.
What I do


I am passionate about designing and developing straightforward and honest products that enhance people's lives, achieved through teamwork. With more than five years of experience in digital product design, my focus is primarily on complex products and robust design systems.

FinTech & Banking

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of financial technology, I specialize in crafting user-centric designs that enable effortless management of personal finances. My expertise ranges from developing intuitive banking apps to creating secure payment platforms, all designed to bolster user trust, convenience, and financial wellness.
Bookkeeping app
Fintech services
KYC Process
Digital Banking
Mobile Payments
Insurance App
Mobile Banking
Digital wallet
Sales Analytics


I am deeply passionate about revolutionizing education through innovative design. My Edtech solutions turn complex learning materials into engaging, accessible digital experiences. My focus lies in developing interactive learning interfaces, ensuring intuitive navigation, and leveraging data-driven insights to significantly enhance educational outcomes.
Testing & Assessment Software
Educational Metaverse
Learning Management System
Online Learning Platforms
Online Courses
Design Guidelines
Educational Apps
Corporate Training


In the healthcare sector, I specialize in designing digital solutions that prioritize user health and well-being. My designs are aimed at streamlining healthcare access, enhancing patient engagement, and ensuring the utmost data security and compliance.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Healthcare Analytics
Health App
Healthcare Mobile Apps


The key to a successful online business lies in establishing a robust virtual presence that not only meets user expectations but also drives conversions. In this realm, I design innovative solutions for e-commerce businesses, crafting intuitive interfaces that enhance customer interaction and incorporating user-friendly navigation features to boost conversion rates.
Product Websites
Vendor Portal
Sales Portal
PoS systems

Real Estate

The realm of real estate technology requires immersive and user-friendly designs. I develop digital experiences that simplify property searches, streamline transactions, and offer comprehensive property information. My designs significantly enhance the real estate journey for buyers, sellers, and agents.
Real Estate Apps
Crypto Real Estate Platform

Web 3.0 & Blockchain applications

Embrace the decentralized future with my specialized expertise in Web 3.0 and blockchain interface design. I create intuitive and secure blockchain applications and decentralized platforms, emphasizing transparency, trust, and usability. My designs enable seamless user engagement with the blockchain ecosystem. In the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies, I expertly craft user interfaces that streamline trading, investing, and NFT creation. My designs are centered on security and simplicity, empowering users to confidently navigate the rapidly evolving world of digital assets.
Crypto Wallet
Crypto Real Estate
Web 3.0
NFT Marketplaces

AI interface design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries. I am adept at designing AI-driven interfaces that leverage the capabilities of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. My designs are focused on optimizing user interactions with AI-powered systems, thereby making technology more intuitive and accessible.
Collaborative Interfaces
AI Image Generator
AI Chat
Voice user interfaces
AI Assistants
Machine Learning Platforms
AI research assistant


I am dedicated to developing digital products that positively impact people's lives. My extensive experience across various design disciplines enables me to effectively translate abstract concepts into tangible real-world results. As a digital product designer, my aim is to consistently benefit users and make a meaningful impact through my work.

User Experience Design

Elevate your digital products with a user-centric design approach that guarantees intuitive and delightful user experiences. I am skilled in crafting interfaces that seamlessly guide users through your application, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Overcome complex navigation challenges and significantly boost user satisfaction.
Information Architecture
UX Audit
User personas
Design Thinking
Empathy mapping
User stories
A/B Testing
Competitive Analysis
Customer Journey Mapping
User Flows

User Interface Design

Transform your concepts into visually stunning interfaces with my design expertise. I am dedicated to creating attractive, user-friendly interfaces that align seamlessly with your brand identity. I give meticulous attention to every pixel, ensuring that your product is not only visually appealing but also intuitively usable.
Interaction Design
Design Guidelines
Design system
Mobile Design
Usability Testing
Components Library
Responsive layouts
Accessibility Design
Design Specifications
Visual Hierarchy

Web Application & SaaS

Whether you are developing a web application or a SaaS platform, my design expertise guarantees that your product will align seamlessly with your business objectives and user requirements. I specialize in crafting user interfaces that are optimized for functionality, scalability, and ease of user adoption.
User Research
Accessibility Design
User Onboarding
Information Architecture
Data Visualization
User-oriented design
Business-Oriented Design

MVP Design from scratch

Rapidly validate your product concept using a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I assist in prioritizing features, designing a streamlined MVP, and guiding you through the launch process, thereby ensuring a cost-effective and swift path to market.
Feature Prioritization
Data Visualization
Design from scratch
Pitch Deck design
Investor Presentation Design
Product Launch

Product Redesign & Improvement

Revitalize your digital product with my specialized Product Redesign & Improvement service. I focus on user-centric design, usability enhancements, intuitive information architecture, and striking visual transformation. The benefits of this service include a significantly enhanced user experience, gaining a competitive edge, improved conversion rates, better accessibility, and a dedicated commitment to continuous improvement.
Product redesign
Visual Design
UX optimization
Revolutionary Site Redesign
Creating site architecture
UX/UI redesign
Feature implementation

Wireframing and Prototyping

The wireframing process forms the essential foundation for effective digital solutions. I develop wireframes that delineate the structure and functionality of your application, guaranteeing a logical flow and high usability. Such strategic planning effectively minimizes development hiccups and significantly maximizes user satisfaction. Additionally, I create dynamic prototypes that offer a tangible preview of the end product, aiding in refining your vision and securing stakeholder buy-in.
High-Fidelity Wireframes
User Flow
Clickable Prototypes

Recent work

I am continually eager to take on new challenges, collaborating with individuals and companies to bring their product ideas to life.

Real Estate Marketplace

User Experience Design
Real Estate

NFT Marketplace

UX Research
Web 3.0 & Blockchain App

Bookkeeping AI

Web Application & SaaS
FinTech & Banking

AI Omnichannel

User Experience Design
Web Application & SaaS

SaaS Finance App

Web Application & SaaS
FinTech & Banking

Real Estate Marketplace

User Experience Design

NFT Marketplace

UX Research


At the core of my professional ethos is a deep-seated commitment to not only meet but also exceed my clients' expectations. I hold the conviction that the most authentic testament to my skills and dedication is mirrored in the testimonials of those I have collaborated with. In this section, it is my privilege to present the experiences and feedback from my esteemed clients.
"Dmitry's product sense and design implementation are very high level. From the beginning our collaboration has been seemless. He would take my feedback, notes etc and we were able to work asynchronously, iterating until the designs he produced met my needs."
Joshua Anderson
Founder & CEO | UserNurture
"Dmitry is very professional and well-organised with his work, he was also very helpful to streamline our creative ideas into working structure. Great work! Thank you."
Taya Bonicos
Founder | Serena
"Working with Dmitry on project was an incredibly rewarding experience. His role as a digital product designer was marked by a remarkable fusion of creativity and technical prowess. Right from the beginning, Dmitry exhibited a blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly."
Valeria Savina
Product designer | NOAH